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As an action, a creature that you can touch or see within 10 meters regains 3d8 health that was lost within the last minute.

You can augment this spell with the following options, expending mana or psi for each option.
  • You can increase the healing by 4d8 for each additional mana or psi expended.

  • Undo Limb Loss. You can expend 2 additional mana or psi to increase the healing by 3d8. The duration changes to 1 minute/mana or psi and for the duration of the spell, the creature regains 1 health at the start of each of its turns (10 health each minute).

    The target’s severed body members (fingers, legs, tails, and so on) that were lost within the last minute, if any, are restored after 2 minutes. If you have the severed part and hold it to the stump, the spell instantaneously causes the limb to knit to the stump.