d8Damage Type

As an action, you hurl an undulating, warbling mass of chaotic energy at a creature that you can touch or see within 20 meters. The creature must make a Reflex saving throw.

On a failure, it takes 3d8 damage.

On a critical failure, it takes twice as much damage.

On a success, it takes half as much damage.

On a critical success, it takes no damage.

Choose one of the d8s. The number it rolled determines the damage type, as shown on the table.

If you roll an 8, the chaotic energy leaps from the target to a different creature of your choice within 5 meters of it who must also make a saving throw. The new damage roll could cause the chaotic energy to leap again. A creature can be affected only once by each casting of this spell.


You can increase the damage by 3d8 for each additional mana expended, but only the original 3d8 are used to determine the damage type and whether the bolt bounces.