1 minute/mana

As two actions, you can detect the origin point or termination point of any teleportation effect within 10 meters of you. Further, you can detect the lingering traces of any teleportation effect that occurred up to 1 hour previously, in the same fashion. You know, to the nearest 10 minutes, when the teleportation effect occurred.

Whenever you detect a teleportation effect, you can study that origin point or termination point as an action. If you do, you make an Arcana or Psionics check. The Difficulty is 11 + twice the mana expended. You have disadvantage if the effect occurred more than 1 minute ago.

On a success, you gain a glimpse of the teleportation effect’s termination point (if you detected an origin point) or origin point (if you detected a termination point). This glimpse lasts long enough for you to get a brief look at the area, but not long enough to scrutinize it in detail.

You can’t retry the skill check, even if you cast trace teleport again.