10 days

As you spend 1 hour to cast this spell, you attract creatures of your choice. You target something within 10 meters, either a Huge or smaller object or creature or an area that is no larger than a 20-meter radius sphere. Then specify a kind of intelligent creature, such as red dragons, goblins, or vampires. You invest the target with an aura that attracts the specified creatures for the duration. The enchantment causes the specified creatures to feel an intense urge to approach the target while within 10 meters of it or able to see it. When such a creature can see the target or comes within 10 meters of it, the creature must succeed on a Will saving throw or use its movement on each of its turns to enter the area or move within reach of the target. When the creature has done so, it can’t willingly move away from the target. If the target damages or otherwise harms an affected creature, the affected creature can make a Will saving throw to end the effect, as described below.

Ending the Effect. If an affected creature ends its turn while not within 10 meters of the target or able to see it, the creature makes a Will saving throw.

On a success, the creature is no longer affected by the target and recognizes the feeling of attraction as magical. In addition, a creature affected by the spell is allowed another Will saving throw every 24 hours while the spell persists.

A creature that successfully saves against this effect is immune to it for 1 minute, after which time it can be affected again.