5 minutes/mana

As two actions, you imbue a stone object or surface no larger than a sphere within 5 meters of you with limited sentience and animation, giving it the ability to communicate with you and follow your simple commands. You can question the stone about events within 5 meters of it that occurred within the past day, gaining information about creatures that have passed, weather, and other circumstances.

You can also turn difficult terrain caused by earth or stone within 5 meters of you into ordinary terrain that lasts for the duration. Or you can turn ordinary terrain where earth or stone are present into difficult terrain that lasts for the duration, causing fissures and unstable ground to hinder pursuers, for example.

For duration, you can speak and understand Terran and you are aware of any creatures within 5 meters of you that are merged with stone by the meld into stone spell. At your command, you can cause the stone to harmlessly expel such a creature, ending that spell.