M (powdered adamantine worth 500 sp, consumed)

As two actions, you restore a broken item, or damaged robot or construct, to a functional state, as if it were new and intact. Any pieces missing from the item or construct remain missing. Significant missing pieces may prevent proper functioning. If the item uses charges, the item becomes fully charged.

Some campaign settings use “timeworn” to describe items that are “worn or impaired by time”. A timeworn item becomes fully charged, but doesn’t lose the timeworn condition (this spell is one of the few ways a timeworn item can be recharged). For 1 hour after this spell is cast on a timeworn item, that item does not suffer any chance of glitching. Other consumables such as ammunition are not restored.

When this spell is cast upon a damaged robot or construct, all health damage dealt to that creature is healed. When this spell is cast upon a destroyed robot or construct, it is restored to full functionality and full health, provided no significant portion of the destroyed construct (such as an entire limb) is missing. Robots and constructs brought back in this fashion regain their memories up to the moment of their destruction and have no particular inclination to serve the caster.