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concentration, 1 minute/mana

As two actions, you create a sphere of gusting air with a 2-meter radius at a point you can see within 10 meters. The sphere can hover but no more than 2 meters off the ground. Any Medium or smaller creature in the sphere’s space must make a Reflex saving throw.

On a success, a creature is ejected from that space to the nearest unoccupied space of the creature’s choice outside the sphere.

On a failure, a creature is engulfed by the gusting air for the duration. While engulfed, the creature is restrained, deafened, can’t speak, and can’t see anything further than 2 meters from itself. Additionally, any burning creature that is engulfed has the burning condition reduced by 1.

A creature restrained by the sphere, or one that can touch the creature, can use an action to make a Brawn or Nimbleness check (its choice) against your spell save Difficulty.

On a success, the target is freed. A creature with a flying speed has advantage on this ability check.

The sphere can restrain as many as two Medium or smaller creatures. If the sphere restrains a creature that causes it to exceed this capacity, a random creature that was already restrained by the sphere falls out of it and lands prone in a space within 1 meter of it.

As two actions, you can move the sphere up to 5 meters in a straight line. If it moves over a pit, a cliff, or other drop-off, it safely descends until it is hovering 2 meters above the ground. Any creature restrained by the sphere moves with it. You can ram the sphere into creatures, forcing them to make the saving throw.

When the spell ends, the sphere dissipates. Any creature restrained by the sphere is knocked prone in the space where it falls.


The sphere’s radius grows by 1 meter and the sphere can restrain two additional Medium or smaller creatures for each additional mana expended. The sphere can restrain Large creatures, which are equivalent to 4 Medium creatures.