concentration, 1 minute/mana

As two actions, you can divide yourself, creating a duplicate that comes into existence 1 meter away. Your duplicate thinks and acts exactly as you do and follows your orders, although it will not do anything you wouldn’t do yourself. Your duplicate has all your abilities but none of your magical equipment (it does possess a duplicate of all your mundane equipment, clothing, armor, and implements, as well as mundane versions of any magical equipment you have). Your duplicate has all other physical traits you had at the time you cast this spell. Spells or other effects affecting you when you cast this spell do not transfer to your duplicate. Your duplicate has the same amount of health you did at the time this spell was cast.

Your duplicate can move and use actions as normal. It can cast spells, using up to 2 mana per spell. The mana is removed from your mana.

As two actions, or when the duration expires, you and your duplicate rejoin, no matter how far from each other you are. At the time of rejoining, your health become the average between the health of you and your duplicate.

If you or your duplicate dies before the duration expires, no rejoining occurs. You take full control of the still living creature and you become exhausted 1 and you have disadvantage on skill checks for 10 minutes.

If you cast this spell again, the effect of another fission spell on you ends. You cannot use fusion with a duplicate, or share any other spell or effect that pools abilities (the sum of you and you is still just you). Similarly, attempting to use spells and effects such as life drain to hurt your duplicate only damages your duplicate; these spells and effects do not heal you.

All beneficial spells affecting a fissioned creature, either the original or the duplicate, end when the fission ends.

Any detrimental spells affecting your duplicate end when the duration ends, unless you die and your duplicate survives, in which case any detrimental effects continue.