concentration, 5 minutes/mana

As an action, you shape and alter existing sounds within 20 meters. You can target one sound, such as a person speaking or singing, a group of related sounds such as the patter of many raindrops or the tramp of soldiers passing by, or all sounds in a sphere centered on a point. A sound as quiet as a snapping finger can be controlled.

You can entirely muffle a noise to make no sound at all or magnify a sound to such loudness that it drowns out all other conversation in the immediate area. In this way, you can provide yourself or any creature with advantage on Stealth and audio-based Perception checks.

You can substitute any sound you have heard for the target sound. If you attempt to exactly duplicate the voice of a specific individual, or an inherently terrifying sound (such as a dragon’s roar), you must succeed on a Deception check with advantage opposed by the intended listener’s passive Insight to avoid arousing suspicion.

Alternatively, you can use up the spell in an instant. You do this by modulating a sound into a one-time destructive impetus that shatters nonmagical, unattended objects of crystal, glass, ceramics, or porcelain (vials, bottles, flasks, jugs, mirrors, and so forth) in the area.