concentration, 1 minute/mana

As two actions, you send an object weighing 150 kilos or less, or attempt to send a Large or smaller creature, within 10 meters to to another plane of existence. An unwilling creature must succeed on a Will saving throw to avoid the effect.

If the target is native to the plane of existence you’re on, you banish the target to a harmless demiplane. The target remains there until the spell ends, at which point the target reappears in the space it left or in the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied. A creature who is native to the plane of existence you’re on can repeat the saving throw at the end of each turn, returning on a success.

If the target is native to a different plane of existence than the one you’re on, the target is banished with a faint popping noise, returning to its home plane. If the spell ends before the duration ends, the target reappears within 5 meters of the space it left. Otherwise, the target doesn’t return.


You can target one additional creature or object, affect a creature of a larger size, and increase the weight of an object that this spell can target by 100 kilos for each for each additional mana expended. The creatures and objects must be within 5 meters of each other when you target them.