(ritual); 1 day/mana

As an action, you use an animal to deliver a message. Choose a Tiny animal you can see within 5 meters, such as a squirrel, a blue jay, or a bat. You specify a location, which you must have visited, and a recipient who matches a general description, such as “a man or woman dressed in the uniform of the town guard” or “a red-haired dwarf wearing a pointed hat.” You also speak a message of up to twenty-five words. The target animal travels for the duration of the spell toward the specified location, covering about 80 kilometers per 24 hours for a flying messenger, or 40 kilometers for other animals.

When the messenger arrives, it delivers your message to the creature that you described, replicating the sound of your voice. The messenger speaks only to a creature matching the description you gave. If the messenger doesn’t reach its destination before the spell ends, the message is lost, and the animal makes its way back to where you cast this spell.


You can send an additional twenty-five words for each additional mana expended.