M (incense worth 100 sp, consumed)

As two actions, you can create a vial of liquid with a shining gold object suspended in it. A creature can drink the contents as an action to brings to its mind a brief summary of the significant lore about a person, place, or object. The lore might consist of current tales, forgotten stories, or even secret lore that has never been widely known. If the thing isn’t of legendary importance, the creature gains no information. The more information the creature already has about the thing, the more precise and detailed the information it receive is.

The information the creature learns is accurate, but might be couched in figurative language. For example, if the creature has a mysterious magic axe on hand, the effect might yield this information: “Woe to the evildoer whose hand touches the axe, for even the haft slices the hand of the evil ones. Only a true Child of Stone, lover and beloved of Moradin, may awaken the true powers of the axe, and only with the sacred word Rudnogg on the lips.”