1 day/catalyst

As an action, you can create this vial of emerald-colored adhesive made from animal glands, urine, and other powerful scents combined with a strong alchemical binding agent that is difficult to wash off. As an action, a creature can throw the vial at a point within 5 meters, shattering it on impact. Each creature in a sphere twice as big as normal centered on that point must make a Reflex saving throw.

On a failure, a creature smells like weak prey to predators. Creatures can smell a marked creature at five times the normal range. If they smell it, they can note its direction, pinpoint it when it is within 5 meters, and track it by scent with advantage on its skill checks. Immersion in water within 1 round of exposure washes it off; otherwise the effect decreases by one range increment per day (four times normal range after 1 day, three times range after 2 days, and so on) until the creature is again at normal scent levels.