1 hour/mana

As two actions, you forge a telepathic link with a creature that you can touch or see within 5 meters, psychically linking yourself with the creature for the duration. This spell has no effect on a creature with an Intelligence of −4 or less. An unwilling creature that succeeds on a Will saving throw is unaffected.

The targets can communicate telepathically through the bond whether or not they have a common language. The communication is possible over any distance, though it can’t extend to other planes of existence.

You can augment this spell with the following options, expending mana for each option.
  • You can target two additional creatures for each additional mana expended. The creatures must be within 5 meters of each other when you target them.

  • Bonded Senses. You can expend 1 additional mana to use two actions to see through a bonded creature’s eyes and hear what it hears, and continue to do so until you use an action to return to your normal senses. While perceiving through the creature’s senses, you gain the benefits of any special senses possessed by that creature, though you are blinded and deafened to your own surroundings.

  • Empowered Bond. You can expend 2 additional mana to change the duration to 24 hours and you can target creatures with which you are familiar at an unlimited range. The creatures can be anywhere on the same plane of existence as you. The spell ends if you or the target are no longer on the same plane. In addition to words you can share images, sounds, and other sensory messages with one another through the link. Creatures with an Intelligence of at least −4 are able to understand the meaning of your words and take in the scope of any sensory messages you send to it.