concentration, 1 hour/mana

As a reaction, which you use when a creature dies within 5 meters of you, you can magically capture its shadow. You retain this shadow until you use it or you finish a long rest.

You can use the shadow as an action to adopt the creature’s persona. When you do so, the shadow vanishes, magically transforming into a disguise that appears on you. You now look like the dead person, but healthy and alive. This disguise lasts for the duration or until you end it on your turn.

While you’re in the disguise, you gain access to all information that the creature would freely share with a casual acquaintance. Such information includes general details on its background and personal life, but doesn’t include secrets. The information is enough that you can pass yourself off as the person by drawing on its memories.

Another creature can see through this disguise by succeeding on a Insight check contested by your passive Deception.