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As an action, you pull earth and stone from the ground, forming a large boulder and hurl it at a creature or object within 5 meters. The creature must make a Reflex saving throw.

On a failure, it takes 4d8 bludgeoning damage and is pushed 2 meters away from you if it is Medium or smaller.

On a critical failure, it takes twice as much damage and is pushed 4 meters away from you if it is Medium or smaller.

On a success, it takes half as much damage.

On a critical success, it takes no damage.

You can augment this spell with the following options, expending mana for each option.
  • You can increase the damage by 4d8, push the creature an additional meter, and affect a creature of a larger size for each additional mana expended.

  • Hard Rock. You can expend 1 additional mana to make the boulder sturdy and hard. The boulder is a 1-meter-radius sphere with 5 Defense, 3 Soak, and 20 Health. On a failure, the boulder lands at the creature or object’s feet or in its space if it is pushed. On a success, the GM determines where the boulder lands. When reduced to 0 health, the rock crumbles into rubble as the ground in that area becomes difficult terrain until cleared which takes at least 1 minute to clear by hand.