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concentration, 1 minute/mana

As two actions, a creature that is made of flesh that you can touch or see within 10 meters must make a Fortitude saving throw.

On a failure, its body starts to turn into crystalized salt as it is slowed 2.

A creature slowed by this spell must make another Fortitude saving throw at the end of each of its turns.

On a success, the slowed level is reduced by 1.

On a failure, the slowed level increases by 1. The spell ends if the slowed level is reduced to 0. If the slowed level reaches 4, the creature is turned to salt, no longer makes saving throws each turn, and is subjected to the petrified condition for the duration.

Since this spell induces the process of becoming petrified, any effect that removes petrified apply to it.

If the creature is physically broken while petrified, it suffers from similar deformities if it reverts to its original state.

If you maintain your concentration on this spell for the entire possible duration, the creature is turned to salt until the effect is removed.