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concentration, 5 minutes/mana

As two actions, a churning snow storm forms, centered on a point you can see within sight range and spreading to a radius of 200 meters. Hailstones, gusts, and freezing rain assail the area under the cloud from the cloud. The area is difficult terrain and is heavily obscured. Ranged weapon attacks in the area are impossible. The wind and rain count as a severe distraction for the purposes of maintaining concentration on spells. Gusts of strong wind (at least 30 kilometers per hour) automatically disperse fog, mists, and similar phenomena in the area, whether mundane or magical.

A creature that enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there must make a Fortitude saving throw.

On a failure, it takes 1d8 cold damage and is slowed 2 until the end of its next turn.

On a critical failure, it takes twice as much damage and is slowed 4 until the end of its next turn.

On a success, it takes half as much damage.

On a critical success, it takes no damage.