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M (diamond worth 1,000 sp, consumed)

As you spend 1 hour to cast this spell, you weave strands of astral ectoplasm into a diamond containing the seed of your living mind. The astral seed has 5 Defense and 1 health and remains inert and endures indefinitely. If you die, your soul transfers to the astral seed, which begins to dimly glow, provided that your soul is free and willing to return.

Upon transference, your physical remains (should they still exist) become inert matter and cannot thereafter be restored to life. The transfer from the slain body to the astral seed works over any distance, physical or extradimensional. Once your body’s physical demise activates the astral seed, you morph into a mindcrystal. You know all the spells you knew and you have the maximum mana you possessed when you died. You have thirty days to grow an organic body, after which time your sentience fades and your soul passes on if it hasn’t entered a new body.

To grow a body, you (in the astral seed) must spend ten days in uninterrupted solitude. The body’s constituent parts are pulled as ectoplasm from the Astral Plane, then slowly molded and transformed into a living, breathing body that is an exact duplicate of your body at the time you cast astral seed (the crystal itself breaks down and becomes a part of the new organic body).

When the tenth day ends, you completely and totally inhabit the new body. You possess all the abilities you possessed when you died, but you have none of your equipment.

If the body is struck for any amount of damage during the ten-day period when it is growing, it is destroyed and you die.