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concentration, 1 hour/mana

As two actions, you siphon blood from a creature within 10 meters, animating it into a blood ooze. The creature must make a Fortitude saving throw.

On a failure, it takes 2d6 necrotic damage and is a blood ooze appears in an unoccupied space within 1 meter of the creature.

On a critical failure, it takes twice as much damage.

On a success, it takes half as much damage.

On a critical success, it takes no damage.

The ooze has no mana or stamina dice, but you can infuse it with mana, psi, or stamina dice by expending mana up to your mana limit or psi up to double your mana limit. For each mana or 2 psi you expend, the ooze gains 1 mana or 2 stamina dice. The ooze is friendly to you and your companions and melts to a pool of blood when it drops to 0 health or when the spell ends.

When it attacks, make a melee spell attack in place of its attack, but retain the damage and other effects.

When you cast the spell—and once on on each of your turns thereafter as an action—you can mentally command any ooze you created with this spell if the creature is within 50 meters of you. You decide what actions the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard a particular chamber or corridor. If you issue no commands, the creature only defends itself against hostile creatures. Once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until its task is complete.


You can target one additional creature for each additional mana expended, creating an additional blood ooze.