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You’re capable of performing minor alterations to your body, from some magic you possess, shapeshifting being in your blood, or some other factor. When you finish a long rest, you may alter your body in a minor way. Choose one minor aesthetic way to alter your body:

  • change your hair, eye, or skin color by a few shades
  • shorten or lengthen your hair
  • gain or lose up to 10% of your normal body weight
  • grow or shrink up to 7.5 centimeters
  • slightly shrink or enlarge your eyes, ears, or nose
  • similar minor alterations (GM’s discretion).

The GM may decide that some changes require several days (such as changing your skin tone from very pale to very dark or growing long hair from a previously bald head), or simply impossible (such as growing taller than 120% of your original height). These changes cannot imitate a particular person.