Medium humanoid (human shapechanger)


Defense note natural armor, in wolf or hybrid form, 12 in humanoid form
Damage immunities bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from attacks that aren’t silvered

Speed 5 m. (8 m. in wolf form)
Skills Perception +1 (12)
Languages Common (can’t speak in wolf form)

Keen Hearing and Smell. The werewolf has advantage on Perception checks that rely on hearing or smell.

Maneuvers. The werewolf uses maneuvers (maneuver save Difficulty 12). It has 6 stamina dice which are d8s, a dice limit of 1, regains all expended stamina dice when it finishes a long rest, and regains half its total stamina dice when it finishes a short rest. It knows the following maneuvers:

1 stamina die: fearsome beast, spring attack, trip (Wolf or Hybrid form only)

Actions (2)

Bite (Wolf or Hybrid form only; 1/turn). Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. Hit: 6 (1d8 + 2) piercing damage. If the target is a humanoid, it must succeed on a Difficulty 12 Fortitude saving throw or be cursed with werewolf lycanthropy.

Claws (Hybrid form only; 1/turn). Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit. Hit: 7 (2d4 + 2) slashing damage.

Spear (Humanoid or Hybrid form only). Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 1 m. or range 3/10 m. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage, or 6 (1d8 + 2) piercing damage if used with two hands to make a melee attack.

Change Shape (1/turn). The werewolf can polymorph into a wolf-humanoid hybrid or into a wolf, or back into its true form, which is humanoid. Its statistics, other than its Defense, are the same in each form. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying isn’t transformed. It reverts to its true form if it dies.

Forest, Hillsrd


1 minute/stamina die

As an action, you roar, rear up, flex your wings, or do another similar movement that frightens creatures. Each creature of your choice that is not a construct or an undead in a sphere around you must succeed on a Will saving throw or become frightened of you for the duration or until you are incapacitated.

While frightened by this maneuver, a creature must move at least half its speed away from you by the safest available route at the start of each of its turns, unless there is nowhere to move. If the creature ends its turn in a location where it doesn’t have line of sight to you, the creature can can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.

As an action, you can use the Dash action. If you move at least 3 meters straight toward a creature, you can make a melee weapon attack against it.

On a hit, add the stamina die to the attack’s damage.

On a critical hit, add twice as much damage.

On a miss by 4 or less, add half as much damage.


You can increase the damage for each additional stamina die expended.

As an action, make a melee weapon attack and a Brawn check to Trip.


You can add the stamina die to the attack’s damage (add half on a miss by 4 or less) for each additional stamina die expended.