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Medium humanoid (any species)



Speed 5 m.
Skills Insight +1 (12), Occult +8 (19), Perception +1 (12), Stealth +6 (17)
Languages any four languages

Illusory Reality. The illusionist has learned the secret of weaving shadow magic into its illusions to give them a semi-reality. When the illusionist expends mana to cast a spell that creates an illusion, it can choose one inanimate, nonmagical object that is part of the illusion and make that object real. The illusionist can do this on its turn as an action while the spell is ongoing. The object remains real for 1 minute. For example, the illusionist can create an illusion of a bridge over a chasm and then make it real long enough for its allies to cross.

The object can’t deal damage or otherwise directly harm anyone.

Improved Minor Illusion. When the illusionist casts minor illusion, it can create both a sound and an image with a single casting of the spell.

Malleable Illusions. When the illusionist casts a spell that creates an illusion and has a duration of 1 minute or longer, it can use an action to change the nature of that illusion (using the spell’s normal parameters for the illusion), provided that it can see the illusion.

Spellcasting. The illusionist uses Occult (Int) to cast spells (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks). It has 17 mana, a mana limit of 3, regains all expended mana when it finishes a long rest and regains half its total mana (rounded up) when it finishes a short rest. It knows the following spells:

Cantrips (at will, 11th-level spellcaster): blind spot, cloud senses, control shadow, gloom, manipulate sound, minor illusion, shadow blade, thaumaturgy

1 mana: blindness/deafness, blur, cloak of shadows, control sound, darkness, deceive, disguise, false sensory input, five shadows, illusory script, image, invisibility, magic mouth, mirror image, misdirection, pass without trace, phantom steed, shadow anchor, shadow jaunt, shadow tendrils, shadow veil, shadowy reprisal, silence, umbral weapon, unseen servant

2 mana: dark delirium, darkvision, dream, enervation, essence of night, hypnotic pattern, illusory dragon, magic aura, mantle of whispers, phantasmal force, shadow form, shadowy creation

3 mana: animate shadow, black tentacles, glibness, mental prison, mirage, project image

Actions (2)

Quarterstaff. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 1 m. Hit: 3 (1d8 − 1) bludgeoning damage.


No concoctions, maneuvers, or spells

All creatures in this system should have maneuvers or spells. You should add some maneuvers or spells to this creature. If you do so, please make a suggestion on github so I can finish adding maneuvers and spells to all creatures via