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Converting spells

Spells converted from other sources can use the following guidelines.

1 mana

  • Direct damage spells
  • Direct damage with minor or medium conditions
  • Minor or medium conditions
  • Minor transformations
  • Cones, Lines, and Spheres emanating from the caster

2 mana

  • Persistent damage with medium or major conditions
  • Major conditions
  • Cylinders, Spheres, and Walls
  • Terrain creation (Bones of the Earth, Ice Spear, etc)
  • Regeneration
  • Transform yourself
  • Summoning/Raise dead

3 mana

  • AoE with major conditions
  • Avoid falling to 0 with a damage burst attached
  • Target effectively removed from battle for a short time period

4 mana

  • Powerful spells like Clone, Antipathy, Feeblemind, Holy Aura, Maze, Mighty Fortress, Sympathy

5 mana

  • Powerful, theme defining, spells

Converted spells

Old spellNew spell
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid WiltingHorrid Wilting
Absorb Elements (Choose from elemental options such as Fiery Rebuke)
Acid SplashCorrode
Aganazzar’s ScorcherBurning Hands
Animal ShapesPolymorph
Antimagic FieldAntimagic Sphere
Antipathy/Sympathy (Split to Antipathy and Sympathy)
Arcane EyeSeeing Eye
Arcane GateGate
Arcane LockKnock/Lock
Armor of AgathysWinter’s Bite
Arms of HadarShadow Tendrils
AwakenAwaken Plant
Aura of LifeProtection from Death
Banishing SmiteBanishment
Beast BondWarg
Beast SenseWarg
Beguiling StrikeCompelled Duel
Bigby’s HandForce Hand
Blinding SmiteBlinding Strike
Booming Blade
Branding SmiteFaerie Fire
Cause FearFear
Chain LightningLightning
Charm MonsterCharm Creature
Charm PersonCharm Creature
Chill TouchGrave Rot
Chromatic Orb
Circle of PowerHoly Circle
Conjure AnimalsCall animal
Conjure BarrageVolley
Conjure CelestialSummon Celestial
Conjure Elemental (Choose from elemental options such as Animate Flames, Animate Earth, etc)
Conjure Fey
Conjure Minor Elementals
Cordon of Arrows
CounterspellDampen Spell (augment)
Create BonfireProduce Flame
Create or Destroy WaterCreate or Purify Water
Create UndeadAnimate Dead
Crown of MadnessBloodlust
Crusader’s MantleDaybreak Weapon
Cure WoundsHeal
Danse MacabreAnimate Dead
DawnDaylight (augment)
Delayed Blast FireballFireball (augment)
Destructive Wave (See other spells like Consumptive Field or Corona of Light)
Detect Poison and DiseaseDetect Poison
Disguise SelfDisguise
Dimension DoorTeleport (augment)
Divine FavorDaybreak Weapon
Dominate BeastWarg
Dominate MonsterMind Control
Dominate PersonMind Control
Dragon’s Breath (Spells by Vayemniri or Dragon subclasses)
Drawmij’s Instant SummonsInstant Summons
Earth TremorTremor
Eldritch Blast (Too overpowering compared to other cantrips and doesn’t fit a Warlock’s flavor)
Elemental Bane (Choose from elemental options such as Flame Bane)
Elemental Weapon (Choose from elemental options such as Flaming Weapon)
Enhance AbilityBestial Transformation
Ensnaring StrikeEnsnare
Eyebite (See spells like Sleep, Fear, and spells in the Poison theme)
Evard’s Black TentaclesBlack Tentacles
Expeditious RetreatHaste/Slow
Far StepTeleport (Continuous Teleport augment)
Find Greater SteedFind Steed (augment)
Find SteedFind Steed
Find TrapsDanger Sense
Fire BoltProduce Flame
Fire ShieldFiery Rebuke
Fire StormMeteor Swarm
Flame ArrowsFlaming Weapon
Flame BladeProduce Flame
Flame Strike (See spells in the Fire theme)
FlyLevitate (augment)
ForcecageWall of Force
GatePlanar Portal
Giant InsectCall animal
Globe of InvulnerabilityAntimagic Sphere
Grasping VineEntangle (augment)
Greater InvisibilityInvisibility (augment)
Greater RestorationRestoration (augment)
Green-Flame Blade
Guardian of NatureBestial Transformation
Guards and WardsForbiddance (augment)
Hallucinatory TerrainMirage
Healing Spirit (Spirit does not heal)
Healing WordHeal (augment)
Hellish RebukeFiery Rebuke
Hex (Moved to a class feature)
Hold MonsterStasis
Hold PersonStasis
Holy WeaponDaybreak Weapon
Hunger of HadarDarkness (Hungering Darkness augment)
Hunter’s Mark (Moved to a class feature)
IdentifyDetect Magic
Imprisonment (Split to Minimus Imprisonment, Slumbering Imprisonment, Earthen Imprisonment, Entangling Imprisonment, and Planar Imprisonment)
Infernal CallingFiendish Calling
Investiture of FlameBurning Hands
Investiture of IceCone of Cold
Investiture of StoneTremor
Investiture of WindGust of Wind
JumpStriding and Springing
Leomund’s Secret ChestSecret Chest
Leomund’s Tiny HutTiny Hut
Lesser RestorationRestoration
Lightning ArrowLightning Bolt
Locate Animals or PlantsLocate Animals
Locate CreatureLocate (augment)
Locate ObjectLocate
LongstriderStriding and Springing
Mage Hand (the hand is invisible)Minor Telekinesis
Mage HandMinor Telekinesis
Magic CircleHallow
Magic JarPossess
Magic MissileMagic Missiles
Magic WeaponForce Weapon
Major ImageImage (augment)
Mass Cure WoundsMass Heal
Mass Healing WordMass Heal
Mass PolymorphPolymorph
Mass SuggestionSuggestion
Maximilian’s Earthen GraspEarthen Grasp
Melf’s Acid ArrowAcid Arrow
Melf’s Minute MeteorsMinute Meteors
Mind BlankPsychic Fortress (augment)
Mirage ArcaneMirage
MisleadInvisibility (augment)
Misty StepTeleport
Mordenkainen’s Faithful HoundFaithful Hound
Mordenkainen’s Magnificent MansionMagnificent Mansion
Mordenkainen’s Private SanctumPrivate Sanctum
Mordenkainen’s SwordForce Sword
Nystul’s Magic AuraMagic Aura
Otiluke’s Freezing SphereFreezing Sphere
Otiluke’s Resilient SphereWall of Force
Otto’s Irresistible DanceIrresistible Dance
PasswallStone Shape
Phantasmal KillerTerrifying Visage
Power Word HealHeal (augment)
Power Word Kill
Power Word StunStasis
Prayer of Healing
Primordial Ward (Protection from Acid, Cold, Fire, Poison, the Storm)
Programmed IllusionImage (Programmed Image augment)
Protection from Energy (Protection from Acid, Cold, Fire, Poison, the Storm)
Psychic ScreamMind Blast
Raise DeadResurrection
Rary’s Telepathic BondTelepathic Bond
Ray of FrostFrostbite
Relentless HexTeleport
Sacred FlameSunray
Scorching RayScorching Bolts
Searing SmiteSearing Strike
See InvisibilitySeeing
SequesterNondetection (augment)
Shadow of MoilShadow Tendrils
ShieldForce Shield
Shocking GraspShock
Sickening Radiance
Silent ImageImage
Skywrite (Whispering Wind covers it much better)
Snilloc’s Snowball SwarmFreezing Sphere
Spider ClimbClimbing Claws
Staggering Smite
Steel Wind Strike
Summon Greater DemonFiendish Calling
Summon Lesser DemonsFiendish Calling
Swift Quiver
Symbol (Split to Symbol of Fear/Discord, Symbol of Sleep, Symbol of Death/Pain, Symbol of Insanity, Symbol of Stunning)
Tasha’s Hideous LaughterHideous Laughter
TelepathyTelepathic Bond
TeleportDistant Teleport
Tenser’s Floating DiskFloating Disk
Tenser’s Transformation (Spellcasters should not be able to transform in to fully functioning martials at will)
Thunderous SmiteThunderwave
TonguesComprehend Languages (augment)
Transport via PlantsTree Stride
True PolymorphPolymorph (augment)
True ResurrectionResurrection (augment)
True SeeingSeeing (augment)
Vampiric TouchLife Drain
Warding BondAbsorb Pain
Warding WindControl Winds
WeirdTerrifying Visage
Witch Bolt
Word of RadianceRadiance
Wrathful SmiteDreadful Strike
Zone of TruthExtort Truth (augment)